A safe is among the most valuable investments you can make. However, burglars are getting smarter by the day. Many of them know that most folks hide their safes in the master bedroom. You need to outsmart the burglars by hiding your safe in unpredictable places. Here are great ideas on where to install a safe at home.

The library

A shelf full of books creates the perfect illusion for hiding a safe. The average burglary takes approximately 8 -12 minutes, says SecurAmerica. A burglar is therefore less likely to waste any time perusing through a boring book shelf. Additionally, a safe installed inside a cutout in a shelf full of books allows for easy access without the risk of exposing it to burglars.

The floor

A floor that is made of concrete or tiles makes a robust anchor for cleverly hiding a safe. If you own a safe of average size, consider bolting it to the floor. It takes careful craftsmanship to install a safe on your floor. We have competent locksmith in Topanga CA that are able to make a cut-out on the tile of your floor and install the safe. You can then cleverly conceal the safe from detection with a removable floor tile or a large floor rag.

The interior of an external wall

A wall safe has to be installed in a cut-out on a wall. Ensure that you install it close to a corner where two external walls meet. External walls are part and parcel of the structure of the house, making them more robust compared to interior walls. You can use wallpaper to conceal its location

A cabinet

If your safe is small enough, you can install it inside a cabinet. Small safes can be carried away by burglars. You can bolt the safe to the concrete frame of the cabinet to limit its mobility. Additionally, choose a cabinet that is not easily accessible by toddlers, especially if it is a gun safe.