Access Control Locksmith - What is Access Control??

Access Control Locksmith – What is Access Control??

Access control gives you the option to control how you access your property.

Where, When & Why to use an Access Control System?

When you manage a building or even a small business, chances are you have many keys to many locks that can be stolen and duplicated leaving your business security vulnerable and creating a need to continuously have your locks re-keyed in an attempt to regain security.

Access control gives you more control of your business and as a matter of fact, it also gives better security to your employees as they can buzz in only who they feel secure to allow into your business as oppose to regular locks needing to be left open all day for anyone to walk in.

Access Control remains locked at all times and is operated by a pin-code, proxy card or key fob and timing

therefore allowing only trusted employees to be able to open these secure doors.

Having an Access Control System also allows you to designate different access to different doors and individuals, for example, the front main door can be operated by one pin-code for all employees while other doors can be operated by different pin-codes like a Master System.

Electronic and Stand Alone Access Control will give you the most convenient and efficient way to secure any building, business or asset that you may need.

What you really want to check before choosing an Access Control System:

  • 1.       How many users I have?

    access control Locksmith in Los Angeles

    access control Locksmith in Los Angeles

  • 2.       How many doors I want to control?
  • 3.       What kind of doors do I have? (Glass, Metal, Wood)
  • 4.       What security level do I need?
  • 5.       What kind of Access Control System do I need? (Stand alone, PC connection, Managed)
  • 6.       What is my budget to have the right system working for me?

What is a Stand Alone System?

Stand Alone Access Control is the simplest option of the Access Control Family. It does not need a PC and network connection. With a Stand Alone System you can either use a Pin, Proximity Card, Key Fob, Fingerprints or Card Holders.

What is a PC (Computer System) Access Control Connection?

When you have a big facility such as an Industrial Building, Commercial Warehouse, Manufacturing Plant, Hospital, Airport and such where you need to control and track activity on all doors from one computer which is called the Central Location, this is called Networked Access Control.

This allows you to control doors by timing. This will offer you the ability of having reporting of all employees that have used the system with time and date stamps throughout.

Types of Access Control Options:

  • Magnetic Locks
  • Electric Strikes
  • Digital Keypad Locks
  • Exit Devices
  • Fingerprint Locks
  • Mobile Phone Operated Access Control Locks