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Locksmith Reviews in Los Angeles

Locksmith Reviews in Los Angeles

Last Thursday I managed to lock myself out of my car (of course the engine was running) at a Bank of America about twenty minutes from my office. I was beside myself as my cell phone was also inside car. To add to the stress of the situation I was suppose to run a meeting at work in approximately 45 minutes and being locked out of my car was the last thing I needed! I went inside the bank to use their phone and one of the tellers suggested I call your company. Being that I’m new to the Los Angeles area I was so relieved to receive such a high recommendation. The dispatcher I spoke with was very pleasant, she had a very calming voice but worked at getting a locksmith out to me very efficiently!  She informed me someone would meet me at my location in 30 minutes. You can only imagine the surprise and relief that washed over me when my locksmith  showed up in just 10 minutes! He greeted me professionally and even said dispatch mentioned you had a meeting in a short time, so please forgive me, but I’m going to get your car opened up right away.  Two minutes later my door was opened and I was back on track. He was my hero Thursday afternoon and I was truly impressed with the professionalism of your company. In our busy lives we tend to only write companies to complain, however, in this case I couldn’t let this excellent example of service/customer service go without acknowledgement! You have some very exceptional employees and they went well above and beyond in their delivery of service that day.

With gratitude,
Peter Steffens


Stephanie Cisco, Sherman Oaks: We knew it was time for a new lock system

We knew it was time for a new lock system when my twelve year old son pushed on our door and opened it when it was locked. So we called Allover Locksmith. Their team of experts guided us to a lock for our front door that has left my family feeling safe and secure. I know who I’m calling for my gate lock next summer! Stephanie Cisco, Sherman Oaks


Marcia Adams, Santa Monica: When I was locked out of my car

When I was locked out of my car, I went into panic mode. Luckily I called Allover Locksmith to help me out; they arrived at my car in ten minutes, opened my car door and made it look easy! The low price absolutely shocked me. I was certain that it was going to cost more. I hope I don’t get locked out of my car again, but if I do, I know who to call. Marcia Adams, Santa Monica


J.C. Straka, Los Angeles: My company needed a locksmith

My company needed a locksmith to install a new lock system for our office complex. Allover Locksmith truly met and exceeded my expectations. They understand what it means to truly serve customers. I and my partner felt truly listened to every step of the way. We emphatically recommend Allover Locksmith to anyone in need of a locksmith. They do the job right! J.C. Straka, Los Angeles


Mark Jonathan, Encino CA: We just wanted to get our locks changed

After a break in, we just wanted to get our locks changed and while searching for the right locksmith, I found out that All Over Locksmiths had the best prices even in the middle of the night. Their service was excellent and very reliable. I will surely recommend them and call then again, if needed Mark Jonathan, Encino


Mrs. Amy Poole, North Hollywood CA: Just wanted to thank you. I got locked out

Just wanted to thank you. I got locked out and just could not find any ways to get in the car, but within 15 minutes

Our Locksmith

Our Locksmith

of giving your service a call, one of the locksmiths arrived. A pleasant young man just took a few seconds and opened the door. And there wasn’t any damage at all! I am glad I came across them.- Mrs. Amy Poole, North Hollywood


Dan Jones, Venice CA: We required high security locks in our new office

We required high security locks in our new office and after a quick search on Google, we came across your website. Just one call and the locksmiths arrived within 20 minutes, which I must say is very professional. The work was done quickly and we were able to have fully functioning locking system within the day. The service was professional, good communication and no hassles to us. The locks are of the highest quality and it was a smooth job. Dan Jones, Venice CA


Janet Hernandez, Sherman Oaks: One of the most professional locksmiths I have come across

I got locked out of my car and was panicking about reaching my office in time. Luckily, I had All over Locksmith’s number and within 10 minutes, I was on the road. Just wanted to say Thank you to one of the most professional locksmiths I have come across.- Janet Hernandez, Sherman Oaks


Geoffrey Heffron, Glendale CA: Had a complete understanding of our locking system

Great customer service and had a complete understanding of the locking system. Even though the padlock key was stuck inside, he managed to retrieve it without any damage to the lock. I must say, it is difficult to come across locksmiths of his calibre. Thank you, All Over Locksmiths for all your help. Geoffrey Heffron, Glendale CA


Joyce Carlson, Malibu CA: I realized the locks were not working

When my 7 year old just came in without ringing the bell, I was horrified. I realized the locks were not working. I called in the All Over Locksmith’s emergency services and they came in immediately. All work was completed to my satisfaction and they were courteous and friendly. I appreciate the professionalism. Thank you!! Joyce Carlson, Malibu


Rebecca Washington, Los Angeles CA: A good cheap locksmith in town!

It was so dumb of me to lock my keys inside the car but it happened. I called on the emergency services of All Over Locksmith and they were able to sned the nearest lock technician and I was given priority. It didn’t cost me a huge amount, as I was expecting, and they did a great job affordably. – Rebecca Washington, Venice CA


Tracy Howard. Los Angeles CA: Just one call and they came immediately

My car key got stuck in the ignition and there was no way to extract it. I remembered I had the All Over Locksmith number saved from a friend that had used the services. Just one call and they came immediately. Saved me a lot of headache and going to the dealer. Plus I saved money as dealers cost a great deal. Thank you guys! Tracy Howard. Los Angeles CA.

Robert Alhambra: This is my experience with them when I needed to have some exterior door locks replaced at my home.

They told me all about high security locks when I asked, but they didn’t try to scare me into getting them (which EVERY other locksmith I’ve had has done). All my questions were answered honestly and patiently. They brought several locks, from different price ranges so I could look and decide. The “presentation” was much more informational rather than feeling like I was being “sold” something.

The work was not only performed quickly but it was also done properly. I did not have any issues with the work they performed after they left. They immediately fixed every little thing I asked about but wouldn’t have insisted on fixing (one lock wasn’t entirely straight so I was fumbling a bit with it, one didn’t sound entirely smooth even though it was turning just fine, etc.)

They did a 5 minute drill with me locking and unlocking my new locks so I wouldn’t ever leave it unlocked by mistake. (I’m not joking. And yes it took 5 minutes.) All Over Locksmith even had an assistant with them that swept up all the little chards of metal from the drilling before my cat could step on them.

In summary, this is why I’m repeating All Over Locksmiths’ number to myself until I can dial it in a coma. I will definitely call them when future needs arise.

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